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Speaking events on relevant nutrition topics

Live speaking, webinars and individualized training

I am gladly speaking to larger audiences about nutrition and its effects on athletic performance, body compensation, and health. I design all presentations individually based on the wishes and needs of my slients. I also offer advanced training for groups of people in the sports or health sector, such as strength & conditioning coaches, personal trainers and physiotherapists.

Possible topics for lectures, workshops & webinars:

  • Nutritional myths
  • Game day nutrition strategies
  • Clarification on controversial topics such as sugar, artificial sweeteners or gluten
  • Current nutritional trends (e.g. intermitting fasting, clean eating vs IIFYM)
  • Nutritional strategies for optimal recovery
  • Supplements who really help
  • Successfully losing weight — background information and individual strategies

Education Concept for Coaches

The quality of nutrition coaching and advice is still quite low in the fitness industry. For this very reason, it is important to me to support the next generation of nutritionists in their careers in the best possible way. To follow this goal, I have already designed training concepts for the IFAA and RAWONUTRITION and educated trainers and nutrition coaches in the areas of nutritional physiology, nutritional psychology and sports nutrition.